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Basuna ®, the product of Ba Suong Duong Sinh Co., Ltd which is derived from nature, is the accumulation of the great Vietnamese culinary cultures thousands of years and macrobiotic theory of Japanese professor Georges Ohsawa. This is the convergence point of the philosophy and practice of balancing yin and yang, which is primarily based on food and eating methods. Having dynamic effect on body condition, not only does Basuna’s product assists with robust recovery, but the frequent use of this product also makes our judgment becomes lucid and more likely to perceive the intended meaning of the order of the universe and humanity.


From the late '90s, people in Da Nang area (Hue) were familiar and often called a woman with a friendly name of Ms.Ba Suong Duong Sinh because everybody loved the food formed on macrobiotic concept she made. Originated in a noble family, Ms. Ba Suong Duong Sinh had a passion and deep understanding of  Ohsawa’s Macrobiotics. She had successfully made ​​many products based on macrobiotic method as the natural remedy for her family. The product was so effective that it has been shared and widely used among people in the area.

Inheriting the same enthusiasm, her daughter became a macrobiotic researcher. She officially founded Ba Suong Duong Sinh Co., Ltd on 01.15.2013 to inherit and promote the benefits of Macrobiotics. Currently the company’s main office is at 12 Le Thanh Ton, District 1, Ho Chi Minh City. Its Basuna products are produced in factory at 108 Ho Van Hue, Phu Nhuan, Ho Chi Minh city.

Today, with the assistance of leading experts in the field of macrobiotics from Vietnam and Japan, the products of Ba Suong Duong Sinh Co., Ltd have developed progressively and continued to reach perfection. The company has invested in factory that met standards of food safety. With advanced and modern equipment, our company commits to improve product quality, ensure safety and keep all the natural nutrients available in order to deliver our consumer products of highest quality.

On 29/06/2014, Basuna ® was honored to receive gold medal and merit-quality products by Người Tiêu Dùng Magazine.

We are extremely grateful to customers who have used the products of Basuna ®. As a response, we are dedicated to providing ongoing quality product as well as constantly evaluating process of continual improvement.

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